Our Team



We are backed by an efficient and experienced team which is committed to striving for excellence in all its endeavours. Our seasoned leaders bring to the table years of experience, in-depth knowledge and a vision for growth.


The company is grateful to be driven under the mentorship of Mr.Deepak Mittal. He infuses the team with his motivation and guides us to conquer every hardship on the way to success. His connection to the battery industry spans over decades. He started manufacturing batteries in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) in 1980 and later on shifted to Hyderabad in 1998, to achieve bigger dreams in business. With his utmost dedication and focussed strategies, he expanded the business and started manufacturing batteries at a larger scale in Kothur (Hyderabad). Due to his strong business acumen and ambitious perspective, he also started manufacturing many other components and raw materials required for battery manufacturing. He has been instrumental in strengthening the group and the overall company with guidance and leadership.

MR.SANJAY MITTAL - Managing Director

Mr. sanjay Mittal is a renowned name in the whole lead acid battery fraternity in India. We are more than happy to have him on board. Currently he is spearheading the new developments and projects of our company. He has been involved with the battery business since 2007. His vast experience in sales and marketing, has helped the company form the right business strategies for our sales and marketing department ultimately leading to a boost in the business. His contribution to the company has been of vital importance. The amount of energy, dedication and expertise he brings has motivated everyone to do their best and maximize the potential.


Being involved in the battery manufacturing since 2006, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal is a veteran in this industry. With his extensive experience in Product development & Quality control, he has helped the company deliver quality products that surpass customer expectations every time. Currently he is overseeing our recycling department and exploring new possibilities in Lead recycling, refining, Lead Alloys to take it forward to the next level. His detail orientation and deep understanding of the manufacturing process helps us in bringing innovative products that comply with highest standards of regulations.

MR. VIKAS GOYAL - SBU Head (Operations)

Mr. Vikas Goyal has been with the company since 2005 and has been one of the most positive influences that have helped the company strengthen over the years. His devotion and passion towards the company has kept the company driving ahead to achieve its overall aim of energizing each and every sector with our products and services. He has immense experience and knowledge in Product development, Quality control, sales, and marketing of lead acid batteries. Being a firm believer in growing together, he has always inspired everyone to contribute and grow towards sustainable business goals. His passion for the company has established

MR.NILESH PRITHANI - SBU Head (Global Sales)

Mr.Nilesh Prithani has been associated with the company since 2013. He started with Lead recycling, refining, Lead Alloy and Oxide Manufacturing plant in the company. Now he has taken charge to start and develop Export and OEM Sales in the company. He has been our flag bearer in helping us expand from local to global. His exceptional skills, marketing strategies, and decision making have guided the company in the right direction. Being well versed in both the manufacturing as well as sales industry, he has brought a diverse range of experience which has led to fruitful outcomes for the company.


Mr. Aniruddha S. Arankar, with academic qualification of BE ( Mechanical ) and an MBA (Manufacturing Management), is the Plant Head of both the manufacturing facilities at Telangana. With over 19+ years of experience in the Industry and specialized training in Japanese Battery manufacturers in Japan, he leads a strong workforce of over 300 workmen and 30 well-qualified engineers. His core competent areas are: Lean manufacturing, training, leadership skills with prime focus on Quality and Reliability with good control on vendor management. Furthermore, he is well versed in TQM, Kaizen, and TPM which has helped the company to spread its wings and achieve the company’s objectives and goals.


Vinay Pratap Singh is a passionate leader who believes in team work, excels in collaborating cross functional departments, innovations, wiser execution, leading to operational excellence for building profitable & sustainable businesses across different industries. He has a rich and diverse experience of 20 years with like companies like VIP Industries, Bharat Shell, Radio Mirchi & Livguard batteries with core expertise in channel & new business development, P & L accountability, brand development & relationship management.