Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions

Tubular/Flat Plate LMLA Batteries for deep discharge applications

  1. Massimo Batteries are warranted against any manufacturing defects only arising during warranty period. The warranty is limited to all defects arising from the use of faulty material or poor workmanship during manufacture and developing under proper use. The warranty commences from the date of purchase to the original purchaser, subject to the conditions mentioned herein after.
Warranty Terms and Conditions
Replacement WarrantyFree Repair or Replacement with New Battery of equivalent or same size battery
Pro-rata WarrantyNew Battery on 25 % discount on Prevailing MRP(Old/faulty battery will become property of Company in both cases)
  1. It is a condition of this warranty that the battery is returned to the dealer from whom it has been purchased without any physical damage, unopened and complete with electrolyte.
  2. The freight toward battery transportation is liability of customer.
  3. Company having sole right whether a battery needs repair or total replacement.
  4. Any battery declare faulty by the company and the battery is replaced, the defective battery being replaced becomes the property of the company and no scrap rebate will be given forth. After repair / replacement the warranty period shall commence from the date of purchase mention on original invoice & warranty card not from the date of repair / Replacement.
  5. Any battery purchased on pro-rata Warranty settlement, the date of settlement treated as fresh sale and a fresh Warranty will be applicable from the date of purchase of pro-rata battery.
  6. In condition of discontinuation of battery model, the company reserve the rights to provide another equivalent model of same capacity in both case Free replacement / Pro-rata warranty.
  7. All Liabilities under this warranty will cease if the battery is –

a. The battery Transferred to any third party by the original purchaser.

b. The Battery found mishandled or Used with any application other than Inverter / Home UPS.

c. If Solar Batteries used without solar inverter / Solar charge controller.

d. Out of Warranty Period.

9. In case of below mention condition, warranty shall be null and void –

a. Found to have additives, dopes or anything other than that or other than battery grade de-mineralized water added to the electrolyte.

b. Battery maintenance sheet is not filled (Provided on warranty card).

c. If Battery use with low electrolyte level.

d. Battery used in dry condition.

e. Battery received below 8V.

f. Cost of Recharging, which would be billed extra.

g. Tempering found on warranty card / Invoice / QR code of battery.

h. Battery found damage in terms of terminal / container.

i. Battery Found Brust / Burn or buldged.

j. Battery found bulged due to overcharging.

k. Any Defects / Damages to the Battery caused by accidents, fire, natural calamities like earthquake, flood, etc which is beyond the control of human being etc.

l. Any Defects / Damages to the Battery caused by faulty electrical systems, non-maintenance, incorrect charging filling or improper handling service of the Battery by unauthorised Dealers/ electricians, willful abuse, destruction by fire, collision or theft.

m. Damage to the Battery due to contamination of electrolyte. The electrolyte must confirm to IS spec. No, 266 1961 and the water to IS spec. No. 1069 1964.

n. If the battery electrolyte level is not maintained within the band mark provided throughout the life of the battery.

o. If the battery has been overcharged or remain in the state or undercharge anytime during its operation.

  1. In the condition of warranty replacement, the invoice/bill in original must be produced by the customer, without this any claim will not be entertained and if battery replaced by channel partner he should handover the fresh battery to purchaser with old warranty card after mentioning new battery sr. no. details with date of replacement.
  2. Any battery sale by the dealer to end-user after a stipulated period given by the company and that battery registered for warranty claim and found low performance due to this late sale, that claim will not entertain by the company and warranty will be null and void.
  3. Customers are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the mentioned conditions at the time of purchase and agreed to follow general instruction for usage and maintenance of battery, failing to do so shell invalidate this warranty.
  4. Battery is an inflammable product as per phenomenon / specification which required to be handle with proper care. If the damage to the battery is caused by accident, fire faulty electrical system, improper handling, terminals damage, service of the battery by an unauthorised dealer / technician and incomplete service record on warranty card, then the warranty will be nullified.
  5. In case of any consequential damage due to the product, the company or its brand ambassador shall not be liable to make good the losses so incurred to any person or property and the company shall at all times stay indemnified by the customer himself.
  6. Customers are deemed to agree to abide by instruction as contained in the warranty terms and conditions.
  7. Any Liability arising out of an action beyond prescribed terms/ conditions, you agree to meed the liability arising out of such action of yours.
  8. In case of any consequential damage caused by the products which is directly or indirectly attributed to products supplied by Zunax Energy products LLP, the company is liable only up to the value of the same product. Zunax Energy Products LLP (including its Directors, Partners, employees and everyone associated with the company) are harmless against all actions, proceedings, prosecutions, attachments etc. that me be initiated by any authority or person in relation to any claim or demand arising out of usage of products.
  9. All Dispute are subject to jurisdiction of civil court at Hyderabad, Telangana.
  10. Lead acid battery backup duration will gradually decrease as per principle and technology which is shown in the chart –
Fresh Battery After Completing 30 % of Shelf life After Completing 50 % of Shelf life After Completing 70 % of Shelf life After Completing 100 % of Shelf life
Backup Duration 100% 90% 80% 70% 50%
  1. As per technical parameters charging current can be max. 12% of rated capacity of the battery with a terminal voltage of 14.2 to 14.4 for 12V battery system and 28.4 to 28.8 for 24V system.
  2. Battery cut-off volage of system should not be less than 10.5V.


  1. Ensure the cable clamps fit tightly and properly to the terminals connecting cable, which should be of adequate capacity and long enough to prevent straining of battery terminals.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly externally over the terminals after clamping to avoid corrosion.
  3. BATTERY TOP should be kept clean and dry.
  4. VENT PLUGS should be kept clean tight and LEVEL of the acid should be kept between maximum and minimum level or up to just below vent holes. Always add distilled water only, for topping up. NEVER ADD ACID.


Your battery is made of Lead & Sulphuric Acid, both of which are dangerous materials to handle.


a. Allow Children to come close to the battery.
b. Handle the battery yourself (Always avail of the services of our authorised / any certified personnel).
c. Empty the battery container of its electrolyte as it could pollute the air, ground 6 water with poisonous material



Consumer is advised to deposit the used battery with the dealer, manufacturer and registered recycler or at the designated collection canters and not dispose-off in any other manner.

Hence, please do not discard the battery in a trash can or give/sell to a non-authorised person.

It is mandatory for people selling a lead acid battery to accept a used battery and provide a corresponding rebate on purchase of a new battery.

Please note that violations of these guidelines may lead to legal action/prosecution by the Government Authorities.


  1. Battery top should always be kept clean and dry. Always use a moist cotton cloth only. Never use a woollen /silk or synthetic cloth, as it can create spark.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) externally over the terminals and cable clamps to avoid corrosion, dirt and moisture causes loss of power and makes the battery weak.
  3. The electrolyte level should be maintained as per the level indicator on the battery during installation or during topping up. Use only battery grade distilled water for topping-up. Do not top-up with acid / electrolyte / mineral water or tap-water.
  4. Water loss will happen during usage. Check your battery regularly and maintain the electrolyte level within the band as per marks indicated.
  5. Match Charger to battery capacity.
  6. Every three-month required bench charging for better performance as per specification given by the company.


  1. Keep away from sparks, cigarettes and open flame. These can cause explosion.
  2. Avoid metallic contact across terminals, as this will result in short circuit and sparking.


  1. Consumer is advised to deposit the used battery with the dealer, manufacturer, registered recycler or at the designated collection canters, and not dispose off in any other manner.
  2. Hence, please do not discard the battery in a trash can or give/sell to a non-authorized person.
  3. It is mandatory for people selling a battery to accept a used battery and provide corresponding rebate on purchase of a new battery.


Specific Gravity (Cell no. 1 is from positive terminal of the battery) Cell 1
Cell 2
Cell 3
Cell 4
Cell 5
Cell 6
Battery Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)
System Charging Voltage No-Load
Remarks If Any
Retailer Seal & Sig.