UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply in 18+ countries

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply in 18+ countries

The need for an uninterruptible power supply is expected to grow worldwide due to increasing industrialisation in IT and other industries.  Due to rising industrialisation, the demand for UPS is increasing, which is, in turn, driving up the demand for sustainable power sources to avoid breakdowns. The need for UPS globally is growing due to the growing focus on establishing a more efficient and effective power supply driving the market’s growth.

An analysis of the global uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market includes the evaluation of Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Due to network and IT infrastructure investments and the launch of inexpensive and high-quality power technologies, Asia-Pacific is projected to gain the most Compound annual growth rate by 2030.

Why is the need for UPS increasing globally?

UPS use dedicated batteries to protect critical loads from power problems caused by utility-supplied power, such as spikes, brownouts, fluctuations, and power outages.

Basic functions that UPS essentially performs:

  • A UPS continuously regulates the input power so that it avoids damage to hardware due to overcurrent’s and voltage spikes.
  • The use of a UPS avoids data loss and data corruption. In fact, if a UPS is not used, data stored on devices that are subject to sudden shutdowns can become corrupted or completely lost. When an Uninterruptible Power Supply is used in conjunction with a power management program, the system is able to be shut down in a controlled manner.
  • Helps in preventing downtime while ensuring network and application availability.
  • It ensures the availability of networks and other applications while avoiding downtime. Ensure that they have enough time to ignite if power is lost when used with a power generator.
  • There has been an exponential increase in the quantity and quality of data consumed and generated by different organizations and individuals, which has led to an increase in the number of reliable and highly available data centres.
  • Globally, data centres are becoming computational hubs for end users and enterprises due to a growing number of work-from-home positions. The power backup for data centres is an essential component, as the data centre cannot function without it. By providing power to critical equipment, UPS enable data centres to support critical loads in the event of power outages and streamline their operations.

UPS-When is it necessary?

VRLA battery - UPS

UPS are designed to protect electric equipment from power problems such as:

  • Power Spikes (surges)

During lightning storms, power spikes are very common, and if you don’t have Uninterruptible Power Supply, it can damage your computer.

  • Blackouts

A power outage is a loss of power which can last for minutes or days. It usually happens during extreme weather conditions, power shortages, power grid failure, or accidents when the power goes out.

  • Brownouts

When the voltage drops over a lengthy period of time. To avoid a total blackout, power companies would sometimes reduce the voltage of energy.

  • Voltage Sags

UPS is needed when voltage drops suddenly and for a short amount of time.

  • Over Voltage

This is similar to a power spike but not as strong. It is more durable than a power spike.

  • Frequency Noise

When electricity is reduced as a result of system anomalies.

  • Frequency Variation

When the frequency of electricity swings more than normal.

  • Harmonic Distortion

When the electrical signal is less than optimum, then UPS is required.

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  • Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Hyderabad, a vibrant and dynamic city. The facility uses the latest manufacturing processes, design, and management systems to meet the needs of the global power market while defining them for the future.
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