Back up the world’s power 

Back up the world’s power 

Why is backup power needed?

In the 21st century, a clean and continuous supply of power is essential. Many sectors, such as banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, and entertainment, depend on complex communication and computer technologies. And any unexpected power disruptions to these sectors can cause data loss and production loss, costing businesses thousands of pounds a minute in sales and lost hours of productivity. In addition, it could even cause serious injury and death. Hence, power backup.

Interruption of power can last from several hours to a few seconds. They often occur without warning, leaving homes and businesses in darkness and causing mechanical malfunction, material losses, and production delays. The solution is backup power generating systems, which can ensure that vital functions continue even if the grid goes down. An uninterruptible power supply system reduces these risks and is essential to run the company’s operations smoothly. 

Backup power- What exactly is it? 

This system, by its name, provides power backup when needed. In short, a backup power system is used as a backup to keep the device running when the primary source of energy fails due to some interruption. This system is very crucial as the uninterruptible power supply is important for any operations to run smoothly. Currently, these systems use batteries and generators that run on diesel, propane, or gasoline. 

Many organizations depend on electricity for their operations, which is why power failure or poor power quality can mean an expensive disruption to the operations. Therefore, it is necessary to use the power backup system to overcome the losses from it. 

How does backup power work? 

Power storage devices work differently for various purposes, but all aim to store power and then supply it later. At the time of a power outage, backup power provides electricity in two ways: 


  • Many power systems rely on fuel powered generators that either start automatically or require manual activation to provide power. 
  • And Secondly, by storing backup power, electricity is generated to power the device. 

With these types of systems, high-quality batteries provide supplementary power without interrupting the power supply. You don’t have to charge a backup power bank when you need it because your equipment runs through it and then connects to the grid when needed.  It is similar to the way a laptop operates- when there is an outage, the laptop doesn’t lose the power since the supply comes from the battery and then from the grid. 

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Benefits- Backup Power System

  • Avoid the harm caused by power disruptions 

Increased environmental disasters increase the risk of power outages and surges, which can damage equipment. Whereas UPS protects against surges, spikes, dips, and electricity failures since they sense these anomalies and switch to alternate power before damage is caused. 


  • Maintain uninterrupted operation of vital equipment 

Industries that depend on life-saving or other essential equipment cannot afford to lose power for even a few moments. Therefore, this system is used to maintain the uninterrupted operation of important equipment by supplying power at the time of an outage. 

  • Save money by reducing lost time 

Power outages cost money and delay projects by causing the crews to stand around when the power is out. To overcome the situation backup power system helps. It provides the electricity for the operations to run smoothly at the time when the primary source of energy fails to provide it. 

Types of UPS power backup batteries? 


A Tubular battery is a larger lead- acid battery than a flat plate battery. Tubular batteries are commonly used in inverters and UPS systems. There are several inverter batteries available for your power inverter. Tubular batteries are the most used ones. A tubular battery’s average life expectancy is 4.5-5 years, which is longer than a flat plate battery’s. Massimo offers a variety of long-lasting and power-packed tubular inverter batteries to fulfil the power requirements of any home. 

The VRLA battery, also known as [ Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery] is a type of rechargeable battery. They are also often referred to as maintenance-free batteries or sealed batteries. They are an excellent solution for motorcycles, solar and wind-powered storage, robotics, inverters, and in the telecommunications industry. For the backup power solution, choose Massimo’s VRLA batteries. 

Tips for quick maintenance and handling batteries 


  • Avoid the battery away from direct sunlight. 
  • Keep the batteries out of the heat and in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area. 
  • Keep the battery away from children. 
  • On a regular basis, check the float indicators in the batteries and add distilled water as needed. 
  • Close the battery water indicators. 
  • For the battery servicing, contact the authorized luminous technician instead of the local ones. 
  • Be a responsible citizen. Never dispose of dead batteries in garbage cans, on the road, or anywhere else. 
  • Always recycle non-functioning OLD inverter batteries through a Massimo authorized dealer. 

Why to choose ‘Massimo Batteries’ for your power backup solutions?

Backup power has an essential impact on the economy as well as health. Therefore, the decision of choosing the batteries is crucial. To combat this, Massimo batteries have created backup solutions, allowing your organization to continue operating at full capacity. 

Massimo is one of the leading suppliers of backup power batteries with a quality product. With a wide range of long-lasting and power backup batteries to meet power needs at the best price. 

Along with our team of experts, we do research and innovations so that we can be future-ready for your power backup solutions. 


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