Go Solar – Reasons Why Now is the Best Time


Go Solar – Reasons Why Now is the Best Time

In today’s world, electricity is essential, but almost a billion people lack access to it. Fossil fuels have been the primary means of generating electricity in the past century. But fossil fuels have been used indiscriminately to match the increasing demand for electricity. The excessive use of fossil fuels results in air pollution that harms our health and generates toxic emissions that drive climate change. On the other hand, solar energy is an environment-friendly and safer alternative in comparison to fossil fuels, as it does not emit greenhouse gasses.

Learn why it is essential to now shift to sun energy for generating electricity. Read the full article to find out the startling reason to move towards using solar power.


Why is it worth investing in solar power for generating electricity?

Sun is the most abundant source of energy available around us. Powering up life with solar energy is the best way to conserve energy. In this way, we are contributing to the cause of saving mother earth. Solar energy is derived from the sun’s radiation and can be used for generating electricity or heat. The sun’s energy is converted into electricity using its panels made of PV glass and cells. As a result, homes, and businesses can be powered by this energy.

Following are the benefits of shifting towards solar power instead of fossil fuels.


  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bills 

Whether you are a homeowner, a businessman, or a non-profit organization, the electricity bill is a matter of worry for everyone. Due to the increase in consumption, production, and transmission costs, the companies are forced to raise their electricity tariffs. On the other hand, solar energy is a free and readily available energy source. Investing in solar power panels will be a one-time investment, but you will save money for many years. If you install a solar panel with a battery at your home, you will no longer experience load shedding, higher electricity bills, or power blackouts during windy weather.


  • Using solar power reduces greenhouse gas emissions

The combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, which is trapped in the atmosphere and consequently retains heat. As a result of heat retention, severe climatic changes occur in the form of global warming, which is a serious threat to humanity all across the globe.


Whereas, one of the most commonly known facts about its energy is that it represents a natural, clean source of energy. It’s safe and environment friendly, since solar power releases no greenhouse gasses, and it uses absolutely no other resources except clean water. Using its power is self-sufficient, and installing these panels on your roof is one of the most sustainable ways to contribute to our future. Switching to solar power can reduce the carbon footprint and pollution left by fuels and electricity.



  • Helps With Disaster Resilience

When you install solar panels with a battery, [This battery is used to stores any excess energy that can be used when the energy from the solar system doesn’t suffice] you automatically increase the resilience of your property to disasters, and your energy system continues to produce usable renewable electricity even during local outages.


  • Using Solar power makes your home go off-the-grid

Traditionally, electricity has been produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas and both are harmful to the environment as well as limited in nature. As a result, energy prices fluctuate throughout the day, leading to a volatile market.


Investing in solar power will give you electricity independence. We can protect ourselves from any unpredictable price increases in utility rates, and enjoy cheap electricity throughout the whole day. With these panels on your roof, you can become energy independent and can also store power for nighttime and rainy days with this battery storage system. Additionally, we can insulate our country from price fluctuations in the global energy markets by increasing our solar power capacity.


  • Usage of solar power leads to less electricity loss

Getting electricity from large power plants to the end users requires extensive networks. Due to long-distance transmission results in power loss. Even though these losses may not seem significant, but they can negatively affect the performance of the installation in high-density areas.


Therefore, these panels were introduced to get energy directly from the sun once installed. As a result of the short distance between rooftops and electricity grids, rooftop solar power can increase electricity efficiency. With domestic energy, your bills and energy consumption become under your control. Additionally, solar power systems are durable so the chances of service interruption reduce.


  • Protect against rising energy costs

With residential electricity prices increases by an average of three percent each year over the past ten years, it is easy to see why solar panels are such a good financial investment.

Therefore, investing now in solar energy systems will help you fix your electricity rate and prevent unpredictable price increases. You can better forecast and manage your expenses if you’re a business or homeowner with fluctuating cash flow.


  • Increase your property value

As per multiple studies, solar-equipped homes have a higher property value and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. The value of homes that include these panels will continue to increase as appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration at the time of sale, and homebuyers’ becoming knowledgeable about these panel systems.



We can therefore conclude, from the above-mentioned details, that it is high time to shift to solar. Invest in these panels and solar batteries for your home to make it more efficient.

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