Super Charge Series

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Do you worry about long power outages and technical difficulties? Worry no more! These Super Charge Series of Massimo tubular batteries charge instantly and perform constantly.

Tubular Batteries (Super Charge Series)

MSC 1800 36X60 TT

Capacity - 150 AH
Warranty - 36+24* Months

MSC 2500 36X60 TT

Capacity - 200 AH
Warranty - 36+24* Months

MSC 2750 36X60 TT

Capacity - 200 AH
Warranty - 36+24* Months

MSC 3500 36X60 TT

Capacity - 260 AH
Warranty - 36+24* Months

MSC 5000 36X60 TT

Capacity - 300 AH
Warranty - 36+24* Months

Salient Features

Improving The Performance Of Solar Energy.

Discover Independence Through Using The Power Of Solar Panels!

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