Frequently Asked Questions

First find out the power needs of your home. For instance the number of fans, lights, television or other electrical appliances in use. Calculate the total watts of the electrical appliances at your home and approximate runtime needed in case of power cut. Then visit a Massimo store or enquire online for a tubular battery matching your power requirement. Massimo has a range of long lasting & power packed tubular inverter batteries to meet the power needs of every household.

Valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are sealed in a way that keeps them free from leak and shock even in extreme temperature conditions. Therefore they are considered safe and maintenance-free. With cutting edge technology and innovative designs Massimo VRLA batteries provide a wide range of options to choose from.

Switching to solar technology is an environmentally viable as well as economically sustainable option to meet all our power needs. The world is heading towards a climate crisis and all of us need to do our bit to avoid that. As power sources in terms of fuels and electricity leave more carbon footprints, we can change that to a large extent. Massimo assists its customers to make a smooth transition by supporting each step. Choose Massimo solar, choose technology for the future.